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    December 11, 2014


    Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD midseason finale is here, and it reveals more exciting updates on the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. Episode 10 “What They Become”, which was aired last Tuesday/Wednesday, proved to be a focal point that branches MCU to take up the Phase Three shaping up pretty well. We know back then that the first part of Season 2, will deal with the after effect of SHIELD’s downfall, Coulson’s obsessive carving of a “circuit” and the emergence of an alien “0-8-4” obelisk known also as “Diviner”. During the course of the season, we learned that the carvings lead to a blueprint of a mystical ancient city (created by the aliens – Kree to be specific) somewhere in Puerto Rico, that the Obelisk turns out to be the Terrigen crystal and the continuing race between SHIELD and HYDRA (or a subsection under Dr Whitehall). Now that the midseason finale is here, we list the 3 major points to take from the episode.


    The introduction of the Inhumans story origins at this point would make sense since we know that the Inhumans movie will be crawling its way for the 2018’s release. But the biggest revelations come only by their names and by the events that were unfolding on the final 10 minutes.

    When they drop Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) real name as Daisy and her father as Cal, we are instantly drawn into the Inhuman links. Skye’s revelation as Daisy Johnson, which is now being confirmed by producers, is the same as the comic character Quake. But the most pivotal event was shown during the last 10 minutes, where the Obelisk was triggered under the Kree City, revealed to contain the Terrigen crystal and it released the Terrigen mist. The lady in flower dress Raina (Ruth Negga) along with Skye, undergo the metamorphosis which was triggered by the Terrigen mist, are also now being confirmed as two of the Inhumans. During the last scene, we saw an eyeless man, played by Jamie Harris, discussing with his associate about the transformation and to assure his associate that he’s got this “someone new” under control. Speculations put him, despite his short appearance on the episode as Reader, which is also an Inhuman.



    Meanwhile, Skye’s father, The Doctor’s (Kyle MacLachlan) real name is Calvin Zabo, which is also being confirmed, will take on the role of supervillain Mister Hyde. Interestingly, the comic arc reveals his connection to the Civil War, though I am pretty sure the media version will be different. In case you do not know, Mister Hyde is a genius, but a morally abject scientist (see here to learn about his character). In the comic books, Hyde is actually Dr. Calvin Zabo, a gifted scientist and chemist who developed a formula that transformed him into a Hulk-like monster. As a fan of the classic story, Zabo took on the name of Mister Hyde. I

    During the course of this season, we already know some of the backstory about The Doctor, how his encounter with Daniel Whitehall is due to his vengeance that the HYDRA scientist butchered his wife for the sake of experimentation and to harvest her power of anti-aging. We do not know how Cal will end up after this, but I am sure his rage will now shift to SHIELD, given the fact that the covert organization is the one responsible to take Skye/Daisy away from him – that’s basically a motivation to become Hyde. And about the Inhumans – what if there are more of them in those mountains in Hunan province in China?



    The death of Agent Triplett or Antoine “Trip” Triplett (B.J. Britt) during the metamorphosis cannot be taken lightly. Producer Jed Whedon said about the reason as “We need to establish that there are stakes in our world, and there can be real consequences. But mostly for us it was for the mixed emotion of that moment, which we’re very proud of. Our whole goal is to have the audience feel something, and to be able to feel excitement and despair at the same time made it seem more powerful to us. It makes for a more complicated journey for Skye going forward, because it’s not all fun and games.”

    The only thing that I am not satisfied is the way they killed Dr Whitehall (Reed Diamond). After all, his inspiration for science through his famous quote of “Discovery requires experimentation” should makess him a vital villain character. After all, producer Jed Whedon said “Yeah, we killed one of our beloved villains and we’ve obviously launched a whole new world, so how we start to unravel that and peel away the layers of that onion. You’ll have to wait and see. But Hydra’s always out there and now we know something else is too.” – Cut off one head, two more take its place!


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