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    December 13, 2014


    In case you were not aware, there were lots of hoo-haa around the town with some talks are underway to see a potential rights-sharing deal between Marvel and Sony. The guys at Latino Review previously reported that the end-deal from the right-sharing was a 60/40 split, but then the talks got shut down. Then, Sony got seriously hacked – resulting to a serious leak for their upcoming titles such as Annie, Mr. Turner and Still Alice. With negative business impact seems to be pinching the Japanese company, the talks may just be back on. Ever since the massive Sony’s hacking, details about the previous negotiation on the Spider-Man issue are now all over the internet.

    But even if the deal was indeed 60/40 co-production cost, Marvel Studio will definitely ask for complete creative control and fresh start from Sony Pictures, which gave a possible reason on why the deal went into the dustbin. I still find it funny when the people responsible with the Spidey-verse can came out with ideas like a solo Aunt May movie – an idea in which Marvel definitely not allowing that to happen. So, Sony has passed on the deal, preferring to keep Peter Parker and his alter-ego, and the rest in the bandwagon to them themselves, creatively.

    After all, according to Comic Book Movie, Marvel Studio was also asking for a clean slate reboot that focuses less on the romantic and moves past the well-explored origin stories - sounds much like a well-ready Spidey to enter the MCU ring. That makes sense, since talks also include having Spider-Man to appear in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War movie. But will Spider-Man makes an appearance in Civil War? No. The script for the third Captain America movie is already finished and no Spidey to be seen though.

    New reports from Latino Review also state that the parent company in Japan, is seen less amused with the way Sony Picture is handling the Spider-Man property, and thinks the deal is still on because this is clearly an opportunity to save the franchise back to its quality.

    So what happens to Andrew Garfield? Slash Film has an update that may just give Garfield some hope of reprising the role.

    After all, these "nonsense" still sounds way better than the ambitious crossover between Jump Street and Men In Black, right?
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