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    December 10, 2016


    With Marvel Studios finally able to get in touch on their prodigal son Spiderman who just came back from a long way home from Sony Pictures, it makes sense that the new Spiderman movie will feature some established character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon. It is not an open secret since we have known for awhile that Tony Stark aka Iron Man will make an appearance. Not just only appearance, but Tony will be involved in probably as a mentor figure to the Tom Holland's version of Peter Parker.

    So today, the first trailer for "Spiderman: Homecoming" has finally arrive and it looks good. Go watch the trailer now.

    Enjoyed? Now probably let's talk about some shots from the movie that you may or may not have missed out.


    First, I want to talk about this shot. A laser-cutter being used by the some Avenger-themed masked perks in bank robbery - perfect for last Halloween. Nevertheless, I am not entirely sure if it is just an average McGuffin that plays a role in keep on reappearing in this trailer, or it is the last Infinity Stone that we are looking for. Just a recap, though, here are a list of Infinity Stones that we already know so far:

    From left to right

    1. The Space Stone (Tesseract) - one used to create portal to a different dimension. It is now kept at Asgard.
    2. The Mind Stone (Scepter of Loki) - one used to mind control. It is now in Vision's head, much like a computer chip.
    3. The Reality Stone (Aether) - the most convoluted one, perhaps it has a symbiotic relationship that generates unlimited capabilities. It is now in Taneleer Tivan's collection at Knowhere.
    4. The Power Stone (Orb) - the most powerful stone that can consumes an entire planet. It is locked inside Xandar's vault under the care of the Nova Corps.
    5. The Time Stone (Eye of Agamotto) - recently introduced in Doctor Strange as a time manipulative time device, now under the possession of Strange and Wong at Kamar-Taj.

    The last Stone is supposedly the Soul Stone and it comes in orange as it implied. Does this look orange to you? Probably not because the rock on Vision's head is not entirely yellow at first. Maybe this is the last one, or maybe it is not, who knows. But one thing for sure, this laser looks set to appear in the trailer a few more time. Wait, probably it is not a new Infinity Stones, but more like "copied" from the previous one.


    This probably gives you the reason why the movie being named "Homecoming"for its subtitle. Apparently, Peter Parker have a crush with this girl called Liz Allan (played by Laura Harrier). I think it is a reference that all the things that happened in the movie may take place during their Homecoming, about how Peter Parker has to step up to save the girl he had crush with. I mean it's pretty generic but what can you expect more though.


    In "Spiderman: Homecoming", Tony Stark will serves on a mentoring role for  the young Peter Parker, whose early life we have already knew. Living in semi-decent apartment in New York with his (hot) aunt May (played by Mellisa Tomei), Peter is torn between living a normal life and trying to prove that he is as worthy as any Avenger members.

    Judging from the trailer it is easy to speculate that with his new profound power and the arrival of a villain known as the Vulture (played by the ever cool Michael Keaton), Peter Parker goes against the latter despite Tony urging him to leave it to the big guys at Avengers.

    As you can guess it, Peter does not heed him and by the time the situation is so gravely danger for a young kid to deal with, Tony comes to arrive. No, Captain America will not make any appearance, even if Cap and Peter come from the same city.


    With Spiderman now embracing the new family, it makes absolute sense to have some Easter Eggs to tie the Spidey world with the MCU. Welcome home, dude. Now let's see what you might have missed, or unless you have great eye and powerful tingling senses.

    Tony Stark's pop, Howard is right there on the left of the mural.

    And Bruce Banner aka MIA Hulk is on the most far right of the assemble portraits of scientists - along with Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, among others. By the way, seriously, Bruce has been MIA for more than a year.


    The trailer presents a few first glimpses and shots on the new villain. Michael Keaton, after retiring from the Batman costume, goes full mechanical in a new and impressive outlook of Vulture.

    This is an upgrade from the original comic to reflect the technology of our time.

    Keaton plays the Adrian Toomes' version, which is by far, one of the more popular incarnations of the character. Adrian is an elderly man with capability to fly, no thanks to his custom-made razor-wing, and earning his reputation as a master criminal mind. With a long standing line of foes, this one makes a nice entrance rather than your typical Green Goblin and Venom. Something to separate this and the previous Sony's versions.

    And guess what? That laser weapon again.


    One of the mysterious aspects of the movie is Donald Glover. The actor has a role in the movie, an unspecified one, but probably a most vital one. Affectionately also known by his stage name Childish Gambino, some outlet suggested he might be the new villain - Electro. But the best place to guess is from this blink-and-you-missed-it frame.

    Donald stands on the right of, whom I believe, is Logan Marshall-Green in another anonymous villain role - but the jacket Logan is wearing is almost similar to Shocker, which is ironic since onlt Bokeem Woodbine is confirmed to be Shocker in "Homecoming". Seen here, Logan is unleashing that device again. Another laser? It looks like from the Chitauri's tech, no? There is no big revelation as it is still unclear who Donald Glover is going to play? Perhaps a simple arms dealer?

    Besides having Vulture as the only villain, the trailer also reveal Bokeem Woodbine's portrayal of Shocker, one of the Sinister Six villain team members. Could Bokeem and Logan play the same character or somehow they managed to make Shocker as a group of individuals rather than one. I think you would have missed him in the original U.S. trailer, but he is definitely in the international version.


    Remember the Munich airport scene in Captain America: Civil War? Remember how Peter made a reference on Star Wars' AT-AT to devise a plan to take down Gi(Ant) Man?

    Yes, there are plenty of Star Wars merchandises featured; from the AT-AT set in Peter's room to his friend's Death Star Lego. Star Wars fans much!


    Yeah, that looks great. But not the best thing from Tony Stark-designed suit for the young Peter Parker I believe.

    Okay, so that's it. If you noticed anything else from the strings of trailer we have seen over the internet, jump to the comment section and shoot those additional stuffs alright?
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