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    March 25, 2008


    English (U) 10 January 2008
    Distributor: Buena Vista
    Director: Andy Fickman
    Producer: Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray
    Writer: Nichole Millard, Kathryn Price, Audrey Wells
    Casts: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Roselyn Sanchez, Kyra Sedgwick, Morris Chestnut, Madison Pettis
    Plot: "The Game Plan" is the story of superstar quarterback Joe Kingman (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), whose Boston-based team is chasing a championship. A 'serial bachelor', Kingman is living the ultimate fantasy: he's rich, famous and is the life of the party. But this dream suddenly ends when he meets the seven-year-old daughter (newcomer Madison Pettis) he never knew he had - the product of a last fling before parting years ago with his young wife. Now, during the most important time in his career, he must figure out how to juggle his parties, practices and dates with ballet classes, bedtime stories and dolls that come with his daughter. Equally perplexed is his agent, Stella (Kyra Sedgwick) who is without a parental bone in her body. Joe discovers that there's more to life than money and fame...

    Our Verdict:
    Green Tea says:
    Quarterback learns about fatherhood..cool - 3.0 stars

    Lim says:
    2.5 stars
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