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    February 16, 2010


    Treasure IslandImage by bcostin via Flickr

    In yet another story about rebooting, Treasure Island may get the same treatment too. Thanks to the success of various hits like Sherlock Holmes and The Pirates Of The Caribbean, the peoples at Encosse Films has planned a reboot for the Long John Silver classic Treasure Island.

    Treasure Island, of course is a 1883's published work by Robert Louis Stevenson, narrates a tale of pirates and buried gold adventure for Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver and Dr Livesey.

    Well, this is just another form of dramatization. History record shows numerous adaptation into films and animations, but could you endured another one?

    The new take on the swashbuckling 19th century pirate story, which will follow the adventures of Long John Silver and narrator Jim Hawkins, is said to take inspiration from the recent Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes revival.

    Niall Johnson has been hired to script the adventure movie, which Douglas Rae and Robert Bernstein will produce.

    SOURCES: Empire Online, Variety

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