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    February 15, 2010


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    Mike Newell, will put aside everything to write and direct a film about the strange death of Alexander Litvinenko, according to Variety. Read here to know more about the former KGB spy whom was very critical of the Russian government and even accusing Vladmir Putin for his death at his final hour's testimonial.

    Warner Bros will set the project with Mike Newell, who is recently directed Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, will develop the picture with screenwriter David Scarpa. No casts been attached yet but it was said to be on its advanced stage. The project will be based on "The Terminal Spy", written by New York Times' London bureau chief Alan Cowell and the rights for the book was obatined since 2007 by Ollie Madden.

    The implication of the death of Alexander Litvinenko was so deep. Posioned in 2006 by polonium-210 and eventually the first case of human acute polonium toxicity case in the history, the ex-Russian spy accused then-Russian president Putin for his murder. Perplexingly, it was one of the crime committed post-Cold War era and tenses the diplomatic ties between the British and Russian officials.

    Cowell's book has been translated into numerous languages worldwide.

    Helmer Michael Mann was also developing a rival Litvinenko project with Litvinenko's wife Maria at Sony, though that appears to have stalled in recent months.

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