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    February 16, 2010


    The weekend trailers for you will features some of the unusual one.


    First we have Get Him To The Greek, a movie spin-off virtually from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It is directed by Nicholas Stoller, starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Plot-wise, it revolves around Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) is a driven, idealistic young college graduate who works as an intern at a record company. Aaron is given his big break when he is sent to transport flaky English musician Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to a concert at Los Angeles' Greek Theater. Produced by Judd Apatow for Universal Pictures, it hits you on June 4.


    The other side of the Universal, comes an upcoming computer animated 3D, featuring the star power by Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Miranda Cosgrove, Russell Brand (again) and Julie Andrews. The plot revolves around the world's #2 supervillain, Gru (Steve Carell) whose evil attempts are always thwarted by Vector (Jason Segel), the #1 supervillain. In an attempt to outdo Vector, he starts plotting to steal the moon while he hides underground in a suburban neighborhood living with his idiotic minions which look like genetically altered Corn Pops. The 3D will arrive on July 9 this year.


    An upcoming British thriller directed by Neil Marshall, it is a journey back in the year 117 AD when the legendary tale of the Roman Ninth Legion, led by General Virilus (Dominic West) which was ordered to wipe out the Picts and to kill their leader Gorlacon. The legion is joined by Quintus Dias (Michael Fassbender), a survivor from a Roman frontier fort that the Picts raided. An April 23 release for this British film and distributed by Warner Bros..

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