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    May 7, 2008


    English (N/A) Unknown
    Distributor: LionsGate
    Director: Roger Donaldson
    Producer: David Alper
    Writer: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais, George McIndoe, Aaron Shuster
    Casts: Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows
    Plot: The Bank Job is a crime film based on a 1971 true-life robbery of a bank in Baker Street, London, from which the money and valuables stolen were never recovered. The story was prevented from being told because of a D-Notice government gagging request, allegedly to protect a prominent member of the British Royal Family. According to the producers, this movie is intended to reveal the truth for the first time, although it includes significant elements of fiction and the extent to which it represents historical fact is difficult to determine.

    Our Verdict:
    Green Tea says:
    Wow, the truth is out there!! - 3.0 stars

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