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    April 9, 2009

    NEW MOVIES THIS WEEK - 09/04/09

    This week, take things lighter with He's Just Not That Into You. Then, take it serious with Queens of Langkasuka, while close your eyes from Friday The 13th. And most probably Fast and Furious 4 will retained the biggest movie of this week.


    HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU (English) 18PL Comedy
    Based on a self-help book written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo concerning the ever-widening gap between genders and the misunderstandings that often arise between couples. In the film, a woman who can't seem to get a firm grip on the men in her life pursues an advice columnist who never quite knew what he wanted in a relationship.

    FRIDAY THE 13TH (English) 18PL Horror (review)
    In yet another version of the famous story, five friends - Whitney, Clay, Mike, Jenna and Trent - decide to explore the famous Crystal Lake campsite but their seemingly fun weekend turns tragic quickly. Before they know it, each of them are hunted by a machete-wielding maniac known as Jason.

    QUEENS OF LANGKASUKA (Thai) 18PL Action/Adventure/Fantasy
    Helmed by "Nang Nak" director Nonzee Nimibutr and starring Siamese sex god Ananda Everingham riding on a giant stingray, this Thai action-adventure takes you back to the Malay Peninsular some 400 years ago when the King of Langkasuka was assassinated and the royal family had no choice but to let Princess Hijau ascend the throne as the first ruling queen of the kingdom. Hijau and sisters Biro and Ungu try their best to protect their rich kingdom from detractors, fearsome pirates and other nefarious powers in the region. When their efforts to acquire a powerful cannon from a Dutch weapon master turn disastrous with the cannon falling into the hands of pirates, the three sisters find their position more vulnerable than ever.

    JANGAN TEGUR (Malay) PG13 Horror
    After being involved in an accident, Natasya (Julia Ziegler) had a dream about a girl named Baizura. Natasya is determined to discover the truth about her. Since waking up from a coma, Natasya is haunted by creepy images of evil spirits that only she can see. This causes a lot of trouble for her husband, Kamal (Pierre Andre) because he doesn't believe in superstitions.

    CARAMEL (Arabic) PG13 Drama/Art/Foreign
    In Beirut, five women meet up at a beauty salon where they discuss subjects like sex, men, and motherhood. It is a place for them to openly discuss their thoughts and confess private sins and pleasures: Layale is in love with a married man. Nisrine is a Muslim and getting married - but she isn't a virgin. Rima finds herself attracted to women and can't understand why. Jamale is not allowing herself to grow old while Rose is looking after her sister instead of herself.

    K-20: LEGEND OF THE MASK (Japanese) U Drama/Crime
    In the fictional capital of Teito, there are rumours about a mysterious thief known as K-20 who only steals from the rich and aids the poor. Heikichi Endo (Takeshi Kaneshiro), a circus acrobat was conned and mistaken as K-20 and is subsequently arrested by Akechi Kogoro (Toru Nakamura), a famous detective who once arrested K-20 himself. In the midst of clearing his name, he must escape from jail and track down the real thief with the help of a beautiful police detective who is being targeted by the real K-20. In the non-stop battle with K-20, the true identity of the thief may finally be revealed.
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