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    April 12, 2009


    ENGLISH - (PG13) - 14 May 2009 - Sci-Fi/Thriller
    Distributor: Summit Entertainment
    Running time:
    about 111 mins.
    Director: Paul McGuigan
    Producers: Bruce Davey, William Vince, Glenn Williamson
    Writers: David Bourla
    Casts: Chris Evan, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, Djimon Honsou, Ming-Na
    Plot: The Division, a shadowy government agency, is genetically transforming citizens into an army of psychic warriors. Nick Gant (Chris Evans), a second-generation telekinetic or "mover", has found sanctuary in Hong Kong and is eventually forced out of hiding when Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning), a 13-year-old clairvoyant or "watcher" seeks his help in finding Kira, (Camilla Belle) an escaped "pusher" who may hold the key to ending the Division's program. Pushers possess the most dangerous of all psychic powers: the ability to influence others' actions by implanting thoughts in their minds. However, the unlikely duo lands themselves square in the crosshairs of Division Agent Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou), a pusher who will stop at nothing to keep them from achieving their goal.


    Green Tea says:

    WARNING SPOILER! "Push" is trying hard to be another "Jumper". Maybe due to the fact that it was not heavily promoted and had so far yet to be released in Malaysia, many may not aware for the existence of this movie.

    This is a story in a pace of human with power kinetic and psychic that brings over the reachable bar for humankind. Nick Grant (Chris Evan) and his father are two Movers that are on the run from the "Division". Since young, Nick was told by his father of some vision that he will meet a little girl in the future and he must help her in order to "save them all". Ten years later in Hong Kong, the vision somehow comes true and Nick meets Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning) and explains that she is a Watcher and that they need to retrieve a case which may be the elusive key to bring down the "Division" which is led by Agent Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou). However, at the same time, they are pursuit by another local Triad - a now defunct Chinese "Division".

    The premise of the story is pretty much interesting because of the usage of human inner depth of telekinetic and psychic powers in the a-la form of "Jumper". However, this film is trying so hard to follow "Jumper" in many aspects. The plot of "running away from a group of anti-hero" and "agenda to stop them" are seen in Jumper too that if transferred into this will prove nothing new. However, it proves me wrong. Push is a stand-out on its own styles and one can never easily guess and predict the outcomes.

    However, Push suffers from too much buzzy and dizzy visualization of unknown energy. The story at most of the time can becomes pointless, chaotic, monotonous and non-sense. Although there is a theme and a plan to follow, it quickly evaporated into a very hard to focus and confusing story.

    Chris Evan - the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, is not an appeal at all. However, he delivers some great persona and coolness into the movie. Dakota Fanning is a growing teenager now and in the movie she is drunk. Not even her drunk scene made her anything special or outstanding. Perhaps Camilla Belle the only candy to the eye that gives a bit of unpredictable for the role she is in. In general, the acting was on average with nothing so gutsy about it.

    Perhaps the best thing about this movie is perhaps its blessed flashy sequence of kinetic action and effects. The sequences are no where near The Matrix but it just catchy to see those qi-gong energy been fired. Somehow, the movie is much better than the unlikely circumstances of the huge disappointing Dragonball Evolution.

    The movie is recommended if only you are interested in knowing what it is about. Or else watch it for the sake of Dakota Fanning.

    THE RATINGS.....
    - 2.5 stars

    STORY - 2.5 stars
    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 3.5 stars
    EFFECTS - 3.5 stars
    an overall>> 3.0 stars
    GreenTea-O-Meter: 11.2

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    1. hmm..if its not even out yet, how had u watched the movie? :P

      Such films are not an eye candy when it's termed ala jumper. That show is real crappy..


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