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    June 26, 2009


    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had smashed one record on its Wednesday's opening day in the United States. Including a hefty US$ 16 million on the midnight shows, the first day take for the robotic film scored a massive US$ 60.628 million in the box office receipt.

    With the US$ 60.628 million on Wednesday, the movie scored:
    1. The largest opening day for Wednesday opening ever, beating the previous record of $44.23 million set by Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix in July of 2007.
    2. The second largest opening day of all time, behind last year's The Dark Knight's $67.17 million on July 2008.
    3. The fourth largest opening day when ticket price inflation is considered, behind The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 3 & Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

    Transformers 2 opening is higher than the first installment opening of
    $27.85 million on a Tuesday in July of 2007 ($36.65 million when including grosses from its initial Monday evening performance).

    For that Green Tea Movie!! will keep track of the box office perfomance from Day 1, you can check the box office on the right sidebar.
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