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    June 29, 2009

    US BOX OFFICE 28 JUNE 2009

    As always been predicted for long now that no one dare to even get the hands on the giant Transformers 2 on the box office this week. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had smashed several records on the way for the big eye-popping records.

    This week, the talking giant robots seized the market and turning in the highest weekend grossing of the year. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen jammed the cinemas with US$ 112 million opening on traditional Friday-to-Sunday weekend after a stunning US$ 82.9 million on the first two days since Wednesday opening.

    Since Wednesday's opening, Transformers 2 had scored several records:
    1. The largest opening day for Wednesday opening ever, beating the previous record of $44.23 million set by Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix in July of 2007.
    2. The second largest opening day of all time, behind last year's The Dark Knight's $67.17 million on July 2008.
    3. The fourth largest opening day when ticket price inflation is considered, behind The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 3 & Pirates of the Caribbean 2.
    4. The biggest June opening weekend ever, beating the previous record of $93.69 million set by Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix in July of 2007.
    5. The highest-grossing non-holiday period.
    6. The highest non-Friday opening weekend.
    7. The seventh largest opening weekend of all time. (Reference)
    8. The second-largest five-day start of all time behind The Dark Knight's $203.8 million.
    9. The biggest IMAX weekend ever: included in its grosses was $11.7 million at 169 IMAX locations (for $14.4 million in five days), topping former title holder Star Trek's $8.5 million at 138 venues.

    US TOP 12 BOX OFFICE (26-28 June 2009)
    *Notes: Courtesy of boxofficemojo.com
    *Actual gross...

    gross: US$ 109.0 M total: US$ 200.1 M

    02) THE PROPOSAL (Buena Vista)
    gross: US$ 18.6 M total: US$ 69.2 M

    03) THE HANGOVER (Warner Bros)
    gross: US$ 17.0 M total: US$ 183.1 M

    04) UP (Buena Vista)
    gross: US$ 13.1 M total: US$ 250.2 M

    05) MY SISTER'S KEEPER (Warner Bros.)
    gross: US$ 12.4 M total: US$ 12.4 M

    06) YEAR ONE (Sony)
    gross: US$ 6.0 M total: US$ 32.5 M

    07) THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3 (Sony)
    gross: US$ 5.5 M total: US$ 53.5 M

    08) STAR TREK (Paramount)
    gross: US$ 3.7 M total: US$ 246.3 M

    gross: US$ 3.6 M total: US$ 163.4 M

    10) AWAY WE GO (Focus)
    gross: US$ 1.7 M total: US$ 4.1 M

    11) LAND OF THE LOST (Universal)
    gross: US$ 1.2 M total: US$ 46.8 M

    12) ANGELS AND DEMONS (Sony)
    gross: US$ 1.1 M total: US$ 130.3 M
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