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    July 31, 2009


    A bunch of guinea pigs ruled the US Box Office last weekend crown while the school of wizard kids tumbled down hard. Jerry Bruckheimer-produced G-Force grossed US$ 31.7 million in the box office ticket sales domestically, opening for a number one. The gross number was short form the earlier estimation of US$ 33 million, but the actual number is still solid.

    G-Force is a story about a group of home pet – guinea pigs and hamsters which can talk and do karate kicks, been trained by the government of the United States to run a mission against a thug. Been a family film always have an upper-hand advantage because it plays to a wider spectrum of audience. G-Force will opens in Malaysia on September 17.

    Harry Potter and the gangs fell to number two, collecting another US$ 29.5 million for a total of US$ 221.3 million after 10 days. The gross dropped 62% which is harsh but expected due to front load demands.

    Also opening solid are two films with different genre. Gerard Butler and Katherine Hiegl’s The Ugly Truth opened not far behind at bronze medal for US$ 27.6 million. The romantic comedy with a little ‘vulgarity and sexuality’ will opens in Malaysia on October 1.

    Opening at fourth, a horror thriller that has sparked a little controversy due to its negative impact among child adoption is Orphan. The horror grossed US$ 12.9 million, on par with most horror movie including Drag Me To Hell recently. Orphan will opens in Malaysia on September 3.

    Here is the complete actual Top 12 for the weekend in US.

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