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    August 20, 2009


    Showered with good reviews and been able to place itself at the crown of the US Box Office is certainly a good thing. District 9 has by far, receiving 89% for a Fresh rating and a very big chances to be top movie of the year.

    Produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neil Blomkamp with a budget of US$ 30 million, District 9 toppled G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra from the top spot in US Box Office last weekend. The number came in by a huge over US$ 14 million on first day, which exceeded industry's expectation. District 9 went on to collect about US$ 37 million on the 3 days take. The movie plays more on adrenalin searching male according to the exit polls.

    Top movie critic Roger Ebert hailed the film by calling it "District 9 does a lot of things right, including giving us aliens to remind us not everyone who comes in a spaceship need be angelic, octopod or stainless steel."

    The other newcomers were not so brilliant with the execption of The Time Traveler's Wife. Attracting largely lesser impressive reviews, the movie opened at US$ 18 million, a solid number but still far from last week's Julie & Julia. The New Line Cinema's production which stars Rachel McAdam and Eric Bana is based on a popular best selling material.

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