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    August 21, 2009


    Only yesterday GreenTeaMovie reported that Brad Pitt could be end up in the upcoming Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, as the detective’s arch nemesis Professor Moriarty. The article in The Mirror may sound hoax but there is some truth and not to mention possibility in it, not before Warner Bros denied the rumour to the ground.

    However, Ritchie in an interview with MTV has confirmed that there will be at least a glimpse of Moriarty – more as a cameo or uncredited one.

    "Some kind of appearance is probably the best way to describe it," says the director, replying "I believe not" when asked if anyone is officially named as the Prof in the credits. "All will be revealed. I'm afraid I have to be slightly ambiguous, but you'll understand when you see the movie." – EO

    Could it be a possible cameo appearance for Brad Pitt in it?
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