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    August 27, 2009


    Quentin Tarratino’s latest World War II pic about killing any Nazis in Nazi-Occupied France has topped the box office last weekend. It makes US$ 38.1 million, according to the final figure by BoxOfficeMojo. Inglorious Basterds – starring Brad Pitt as the one of the commanding office leading a small troop to the France to slaughter any Nazis they encounter, has been promising a dark comedy with substantial action; judging by the final trailer.

    Inglorious Basterds opened larger than Tarrantino’s previous movie – the box office failure: Grindhouse. Basterds did attracted audience to make it one of the highest opening weekend in the second half of the month August. Playing at wide 3,165 theaters, the opening is solid for the US$ 70 million budget movie. GreenTeaWorld can’t wait for it to arrive at our shores.

    Opening in 6th place, Shorts – kid pics directed by Robert Rodriguez, a fellow friend of Tarrantino. Shorts is about a group of children whom discovered a gem stone that can fulfill their wishes but somehow the stone fell into the wrong hand. GreenTeaWorld thinks it is too childish and the weekend opening of US$ 6.4 million played more similar to Aliens In The Attic’s type of box office. Reviews are not that stellar anyway.

    District 9, last week champion retreated about half to generate another US$ 18.2 million to a US$ 72.8 million cum. The gross’ drop is much better than similarly marketed and styles of Cloverfield, which dropped about 68% last year. District 9 is currently the best movie of the year in GreenTeaMovie.

    Here is last weekend’s top 12 US Box Office as reported with a final update:

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