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    August 6, 2009


    Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow opened to a low gross but respectable for them due to the general appeal and harsh critics. The first co-operation between the two men resulted a low US$ 22.7 million gross opening but still able to capture the box office crown for Funny People. The comedy is running behind Sandler's Zohan last year and Judd Apatow's 40 Years Old Virgin and Knocked Up for the summer comedy opening.

    The formula resulted in star powers but seeing Adam Sandler in a serious comedy and Judd Apatow working with an outrageous funny man of some kind makes the formula unpredictable. However, the movie can still counts on a strong run, similar to Tropic Thunder last year but for Funny People, it will be a tough one.

    Opening in number five is Fox's own Aliens In The Attic. The live action and animation kid pics is playing like Space Chimps rather than the box office opening. It grossed US$ 8 million and may ended up above US$ 3o million if play well.

    Another new opening, a horror from Freestyle Releasing - The Collector. The horror sounds a lot like the killing spree displays like Saw. With US$ 1.3 million in the pocket, it however failed to secure a Top 10.

    Harry Potter remained at silver medal thanks to the opening at IMAX, while G-Force experienced a little steeper drops than usual. The Hangover and The Proposal hanged around well while the Transformers continuing a fine run.

    Here is the top box office last week at United States:

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