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    August 5, 2009


    ENGLISH - (PG13) - 06 August 2009 - Action
    Distributor: Paramount Pictures
    Running time: about
    Director: Stephen Sommers
    Producers: Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Bob Duscay, Brian Goldner, Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Stephen Sommers
    Writers: Stuart Beattie, David Elliot, Paul Lovett (screenplay); Michael B Gordon, Stuart Beattie, Stephen Sommers (story); Larry Hama (comic)
    Casts: Channing Tatum, Dennis Quaid, Rachel Nichols, Sienna Miller, Marlon Wayans, Ray Park, Christopher Eccleston
    Plot: Set approximately ten years in the near future, a special military unit known as the "G.I. Joe" arises from the Cobra Organisation, vowing to take down any crime organisation led by a notorious arms dealer. With their team operating from the headquarters known as "The Pit," the film will include stunning locations from the Arctic, Paris, Moscow, Australia and the Sahara desert.


    Green Tea Bern says:

    From the director of The Mummy and Van Helsing, comes another franchise of actioner. This time the patriotism of a dedicated special elite soldiers team with technology advancement will storms into the cinemas near you. The best of all, this flick is a fashionably action flick with many styles - yet it is so 'Stephen Sommers' while it is not the best.

    It would not hurt me the most because I have lowered down my expectation for this movie. But consider this, the movie has a strong storyline to follow. It is filled with complexity, styles and to top all of that, an action-packed thrills that blast from beginning to the end, injecting non-stop adrenaline to be enjoyed. The impact is minimal in explosion and gun powders but the tempo is revved up with the sonic-boom weapons.

    It would be a harsh to suggest the motion that this is a cheaper version of Transformers, since both are ultimately from Hasbro and have different influences. The movie is just a beginning of what would to come - sequels, and it has a utterly good look at each character's past and presence. The good thing is that the movie feels intense but the bad news is that it is soulless.

    The movie is a bit senseless in another thought filled with cheesy and ridiculous dialogues that can been seen everywhere. While it is not a total-rubbish, the movie is heading more towards the comedic cartoon rather than a seriousness actioner. The concept of G.I.Joe in a cartoon but in a real life motion, is not bad at all - thus many may compares it with Transformers more than often.

    Considering the big star names, the performances are kind of subpar. Channing Tatum is just average in performance while supposedly candy to the eye, Sienna Miller did not gives much of an excitement. Marlon Wayans could be a slapstick comedian but he generally pumping in necessary jokes for the movie to feel alive. Dennis Quaid however looks a bit woody.

    The cinematography is good with a great portrayal of skyline and camera works, true especially for the city of Paris been attacked by missles. Sommers uses quite a number of slow-mo scenes which I find it quite unnecessary. The CGI looks stunning but it is noticably not as good as Transformers.

    As far as these Hollywood circles go, G.I. Joe garners more good reviews than Transformers. Despite been paler than that robot movies, more soulless, less intense but it has lesser non-sense storyline, better variety use of plots and more mesmerizing concepts. This is just a great action movie to ride on with every angle of future weaponary sonic-boom installed while still been not to the wanted standard.

    THE RATINGS.....
    CAST - 3.0 stars
    STORY - 3.0 stars
    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 4.0 stars
    EFFECTS - 3.5 stars
    an overall >> 3.0 stars

    GreenTea-O-Meter: 12.9 stars

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