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    August 27, 2009


    Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company – Appian Way is currently developing a possible reimagination of the favourite nursery story – The Red Riding Hood. David Johnson, the writer for Orphan is writing the retelling of that children’s story.

    Deemed as a gothic version, the film is now officially titled The Girl in the Red Riding Hood. Variety has reported the movie as a story of werewolf movie with a teenage love triangle at its centre. The movie is been picked up by Twilight’s director – Catherine Hardwicke. Hardwicke is no stranger for teenage movie – where her previous works can be seen in Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown and of course last fall’s smash hit – Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight.

    So, what would you think? Could it be a period version, gothic version, fairytale setting version or modern day version?
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