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    August 10, 2009


    Green Hornet was once a popular TV show back in the year 1966. Started as a TV series by ABC channel in the US, the series that only ran for a season of 26 episodes has been picked for a silver screen production by Michel Gondry. Back then, Van William was Green Hornet while his partner in action, Kato was played by the legendary Bruce Lee.

    Previously Stephen Chow was attached to direct and to play the role of Kato as the film has been listed by Columbia Pictures (Sony). However, Chow bowed out, leaving Michel Gondry to step in as the director. Empire Online published something juicy today (source) - with a possible big surprise to most.

    On the recent front, Variety has reported that the famous Taiwan singer, Jay Chou will in fact fit into the role of Kato, playing along side with Seth Rogen as the titular vigilante newspaper tycoon, Green Hornet. With a prolific CV under his belt in Asia, Chou's involvement in this movie will mark his debut in a western movie, following the footstep of Korean sensation, Rain with his last year's debut Speed Racer.

    Also under the radar with a possible casts - Edward James Olmos of Battlestar Galactica, Nicholas Cage in a possible villain and Cameron Diaz as a love interest.
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