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    August 13, 2009


    ENGLISH - (18SG) - 13 August 2009 - Action/Science Fiction
    Distributor: Sony Pictures TriStar
    Running time: about 111 mins.
    Director: Neill Blomkamp
    Producers: Peter Jackson, Bill Block, Ken Kamins, Paul Hanson, Elliot Ferwerda
    Writers: Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tachell
    Casts: Sharlto Copley, Kenneth Nkosi, Robert Hobbs, Jason Cope
    Plot: Set in South Africa, this movie is rumoured to be a "Cloverfield"-type sci-fi about an extraterrestrial race that is forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth and suddenly finds a friend in a government agent who is exposed to their biotechnology. Alien spacecrafts are seen hovering over many locations, interrupting daily human lives and raising concerns from the residents of the area. This film is also said to be a sort of social commentary, diverging from what you would usually expect from films featuring aliens.


    Green Tea Bern says:

    You may think that District 9 is just like any other typical alien movies that deal with invasion on the planet earth, some propaganda based on the X-Files theory or something like that. Well, I beg to differ because it is so different and been unique in its own way, the movie projecting one of the most exciting displays of creativity and intensity. Do bear in mind that the movie is produced by Peter Jackson and directed by one of the most talked about new talent in recent years – Neill Blomkamp.

    Based upon Alive in Joburg, a short story about aliens in South Africa; District 9 tales the story of about 1.8 million ‘prawn’ aliens been stranded on Earth after their mother-ship experience some technical malfunction – resulting them unable to return to home. The aliens have been living in the slumps of Johannesburg in South Africa for 28 years. Now that their presence causes uneasiness among the locals and hoax in the city, the government appoints Multi-National United (MNU) to relocate the aliens while hidden under their blanket of transparent business – a complicated but simple visionary of acquiring the aliens’ weaponry technology.

    Then come a guy called Wilkus van der Werwe, a normal blue collar agent assigned by MNU to head a team of enforcement packs to evict the aliens and relocating them to another location. However, things did not goes according to plan and he was exposed to some form of extra-terrestrial biological weapon that causes him to experience a genetic modification and his DNA to unite with the aliens one. Seeing the potential of Wilkus as a man that can unlock the secrecy of gaining the upper-hand in weaponry technology, he became a fugitive between the two opposing packs.

    A long synopsis, but to sum it all up, the story-telling of District 9 is insanely amazing, thrilling and rich in style that affects the story flow in a good way. The themes used to highlight the story reflect the majority of secrecy and the reality of the curtains behind these umbrella company and corporate world. Not only that, the story is written in such uniquely distinct itself from other ET movies – great plot that is very much enjoyable and helps to keep you glued to the chair. Suspense and intensity are the two main driving forces that help to deliver the plot well. However, I have to say that the ending could have been done better than it is. Pieces for a perfect plot shattered a bit; like a bread, falling in small crumbles to the ground but you still enjoy the bigger pieces of it satisfactory.

    Cast-wise, although no big names for this movie, the role Wilkus as played by Sharlto Copley eventually becomes the most essential and influential role that keeps the story alive. His character is greatly enhanced by the different sides of him – the humor, the mentality changes in accepting new challenge and also the man for his wife. Throughout the movie, his character evolves and he basically transform from zero to hero. He may be an unknown for us but in reality, he is one of the directors for the short film – thus landing him a perfect formula to fit into the character well. His performance must be credited I would say - Oscar perhaps? Supporting casts and aliens are in generally essential too but we only able to meet 'Mr Christopher Johnson' upclose and personal for the entire movie.

    Making use an ever challenging ways of cinematography, where it uses the handy-cam plus eagle eye shooting styles and documentary-style story-telling, it is a standout on its own. Good editing works, a relatively moderate violence with some degree of blood and flesh splashing around, absolute engaging sights of the effects and moderately realistic – it makes me totally carried away. But the most crucial of all, Neill was able to interchange the narration technique all the time, where he relied on documentary, interviews, news excerpt and Milkus' first point of view to tell the story, in which I believe has kicked the story alive.

    In a nutshell, District 9 is just mind-blowing and a possible best movie of the year contender. What started as a dull documentary from some Nat Geo turned out to evolve into something bigger in the end. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! In some extends, this could be easily the top three movie of the year so far!! All Hail Prawns!!

    THE RATINGS.....
    CAST - 4.5 stars
    STORY - 5.0 stars
    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 4.5 stars
    EFFECTS - 4.5 stars
    an overall>> 4.5 stars
    GreenTea-O-Meter: 18.6

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    1. Ya I liked it a lot too! Out of the ordinary and engaging.


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