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    August 16, 2009


    Last May's Wolverine kicked off the possible of many X-Men Origins to come. However, the box office for Wolverine (played by the sexy man Hugh Jackman) did nit lure as much as the typical X-Men movie did.

    Recent words have that Fox is getting ready for the sequel to Wolverine, with tentative title - X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. The sequel is heading for a positive mode of direction since Bryan Singer may be brought into the director seat even he is now onboard on the new Battlestar Galactica movie.

    Not only that, Bryan Singer's go-to screenwriter, Chris McQuarie whom has worked on works like Public Access, The Unusual Suspects and Valkyrie will be doing his magic again on the sequel. McQuarie is known as one of the best writers. His hiring will send a strong notes that Wolverine sequel is heading to a much better material.

    The sequel maybe a continuation of Wolverine's story in Japan as seen in the end of the first movie's credit. The storyline is confirmed to be based on the great Frank Miller/Chris Claremont mini series from the 80's - about the now amnesiac Logan in Japan and his desire towards to Samurai code.
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