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    September 17, 2009


    DreamWorks has enlisted Night at The Museum director, Shawn Levy for Real Steel, a futuristic movie about boxing. Levy was single-picked by DreamWorks supremo, Steven Spielberg following Peter Berg’s departure from the talk and opts instead to work on Battleship that has now been scheduled for release next year.

    Levy describes the movie as “a movie filled with mechanical warriors but at its core it’s an incredible human story.” Real Steel sets in a sanitized future where human boxing has been outlawed and remotely-operated robots punching it out in the ring.

    The movie is most recently drafted by John Gatins (Coach Carter) while Robert Zemeckis will serves as executive producer under his ImageMovers banner for DreamWorks. Real Steel is expected to start its production in 2010.

    Anyone wants a punch-kicking robot on the ring? Sources from Slashfilm and EO
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