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    September 17, 2009


    Roger Avary, co-author of Pulp Fiction is considering a follow-up sequel to the 2006’s video game adaptation movie of Silent Hill and unconfirmed return of Pyramid Head, as reported in EO and The Hollywood Reporter. Besides Avary, the original producer Samuel Hadida will return as well.

    Avary revealed that the shooting for Silent Hill 2 will begin after Resident Evil: Afterlife (RE4) which is now on pre-production. Avary’s Davis Films will produce the new feature for Sony Screen Gems.

    2006’s Silent Hill original was mediocre in reception and this makes another sequel may be a questionable move. The first Silent Hill movie had used up the elements and frights from the first 3 games installment. Silent Hill, a Konami game with highly horror survival was considered a legend as similar like Resident Evil, has spawned 6 video console games so far.

    Silent Hill was a labour of love for director Christophe Gans, so it would also be a concern if he didn't come back for a sequel. Atmospherics, rather than action, are the key to Silent Hill's success as a game. But that lack of action is arguably what scuppered the first film.

    Anyone wants more fright and illogical atmosphere of fear?
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