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    September 17, 2009


    Anyone watched The A-Team before on those retro televisions set? Maybe yes and maybe no I think. Yes, The A-Team was a popular TV series franchise back in those years, taking the sideline of a team of elite soldiers at Vietnam. Now that after years of trying to bring it up into the silver screen, it looks like the production will start shooting very soon with a full line-up been installed, according to the news resources from EO and Variety.

    On the list, Liam Neeson will play Hannibal, Bradley Cooper will take on the role of Face, while “Rampage” Jackson will play BA Baracus. Joining the trio, we have the recently popular Sharlto Copley whom will acting as Murdoch while the lovely Jessica Biel whom will play the ex-girlfriend of Templeton “Faceman” Peck’s.

    The A-Team is written by Skip Woods while Joe Carnahan will be hot on the director seat. Production will commence soon for July 30, 2010’s release. Anyone geared up for the A-Team yet?
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