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    September 16, 2009


    This weekend, the loud-gun-banging director with metal clinging robots tussling will meet the executive producer to discuss about the continuation of the movie. Yes, Michael Bay is the director of everyone’s favourite Transformers series and Slashfilm reported that he will meet Exec Producer Spielberg soon to discuss about Transformers 3.

    Also present, will be the team of writers consist of Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Ethan Kruger. The discussion will eventually lead to what we believe that Transformers 3 may be kicking in soon with a possible 2011 or 2012 release.

    Despite been panned by critics, TF2 still managed to rake in US$ 401 million so far, thus easily the number 1 movie of the year. So no surprise that Transformers 3 is another guarantee for continuing money cash in.

    However,there is another possibility that the writing duo will opt out of the third movie. Currently, they are making their magic again to come out with a draft for Star Trek 2 by the end of this year. Michael Bay on the other hand would prefer to go back into something smaller before doing the robots again. In his mind right now, Bay has Pain & Gain as well as Bad Boys 3.
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