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    September 25, 2009


    Now that Disney has taken over Marvel Entertainment, the good news came in as instant as impossible that the movie Thor will continue amidst the ballooning budget of more than US$ 150 million. The big budget Kenneth Branagh-directed adaptation of the iconic Marvel mythological figure has taken into storm by announcing more and more casts.

    Here is some run-down of those we will see in the movie.

    • Chris Hemsworth as Thor with his mighty hammer, Mjolnir
    • Natalie Portman as Thor's love interest, Jane Foster
    • Tom Hiddleston as Thor's nemesis, half-brother Loki
    • Jaimie Alexander as Norse Goddess, Sif
    • Colm Feore as an unnamed, unknown character

    Thor will be released in 2011, currently tentative-placed at June 17.

    The storyline of Thor would see him been sent to the Earth by his father, Odin. Once there, Thor will learn about humility and then must save his home, Asgard, from an invasion led by Earth's nastiest piece of work.EO

    Shooting has not commenced yet but we hope to hear more from it soon. Now that I remember something, I thought that Mjolnir is a hammer form that can strike lightning out of the wearer, as I always used it on Mr. Lightning Revenant in DotA. Oh well, those details fit.

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