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    September 25, 2009


    It seems that nowadays we got a lot of news from Marvel Entertainment. Just when you thought Thor could a best bet here, there are plenty of words around about yet another possible new productions coming in, some as reboot.

    First on the radar, let us take you to something about Ghost Rider. We have unofficial words on David Goyer (The Dark Knight, The Unborn) would be lending some ink to the latest screenplay of Ghost Rider 2. Those words are yet from been confirmed as talks are still in active mode. Variety does report that it is likely to base the sequel on Goyer's previous script writing some time ago. Avi Arad, Michael DeLuca and Steven Paul will produce the sequel and Nicolas Cage will have his skull on fire again. Despite Disney buyout, the sequel remains in Columbia Picture's hand.

    Next on the list, Daredevil where it is been acknowledged that Marvel are quietly developing a new version of the movie. Now, you may have watched the 2003's Daredevil but alas how it had turned you down, but to be honest, the first Daredevil movie wasn't a total disaster. However, we know for sure Ben Affleck may not be involved when he did said how he felt stung by the reaction to the original. No writers, producers, directors or stars been attached yet but the news is concrete that the re-boot is imminent.

    Third – Silver Surfer could be another possible project as well. The thing is that Fox is already announced that they will reboot the studio's take on the Fantastic Four, which the original two films – Fantastic Four and The Rise of Silver Surfer, are totally rubbish.

    Well, let us look at the brighter side. Daredevil could be a potential with a reboot button but those who had watched the Director's cut was much better sanely made. Ghost Rider we hope will be better in the hands of David Goyer while retreatments are needed in various angle. Certainly, Fantastic Four without those four cheesy characters from the original could be better. I am looking forward for a darker atmospheric version of these projects – just like Batman, much subtle.

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