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    September 25, 2009


    Mattel, the world’s ever popular game and toy franchise has now distributing its properties line of various toys into a money-making (hopefully) movie venture. Mattel has already had Hot Wheels, Max Steel, Major Matt Mason and a new line of deal with Universal Pictures for all of these.

    Words have that Sony has picked up the leftover from the failed Mattel-Warner negotiation pertaining to Master of the Universe. It was only earlier this month when the project was abandoned and now the new He-Man movie will be built again from zero as the original screenplay is under warner’s copyright.

    He-Man: Master of the Universe will tell about a prince who becomes a warrior and battles a Skeletor for his homeland of Eternia. Okay, the plot sounds so familiar and again those are from the animated series, doesn’t it? No writers yet but we understand that Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch of Escape Artists will produce.

    Okay, turning to a more feminine side, Barbie could also be landed with a feature film. (Oh WHY?) Universal camp has attached producer Laurence Mark (Julie and Julia). I know this news will sooner or later materialized, but face it – we do not even have a porper story for it to mould on. Certainly, we do not want to see Barbie in a porn version or some straight out of the cartoon where she teaches how to make up properly. Slashfilm also did comment about it and we hope nothing bad happens.

    We leave it out to those expert and best for writing a story. What about Diablo Cody? I knew her ever since Juno but I heard she is busy on something else.

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