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    September 23, 2009


    Todd Phillips next film will see a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang reunion. Why you ask? Michelle Monaghan has taken the lead female role. Previously Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr have signed on the star in the movie Due Date.

    The movie will be yet another road trip comedy – just like The Hangover, Sex Drive or Year One, will see Downey's character racing to make it home before his wife (Monaghan) is giving birth. Somehow he pulls in a whacko traveling buddy (Galifianakis) along. Due Date will start filming soon.

    Oh yeah, in case you lost on what is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, let me tell you this – if you have not watched it yet, go and watch it somehow. (It was on 8tv quite recently). The Shane Black's directorial debut of the wonderful comedic thriller was largely ignored when it was released by Warner Bros back in 2005 but garnered positive reviews and appraisal in DVD after those who watched it gave it a thumb up. The movie stars Robert Downey Jr, Michelle Monaghan and Val Kilmer on the trio lead role.

    So that explains how the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang story comes in. Of course, we hope Todd Phillips' Due Date will do great as well. Sources from EO and Slashfilm.

    KISS KISS BANG BANG – 4.0 stars
    THE HANGOVER – 4.0 stars

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