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    September 24, 2009


    So the never-ending franchise will be back. Despite the not-so-pleasant reviews, the franchise still lives on. Resident Evil: Afterlife will be up next September and of course Paul W.S. Anderson will continue helming the series. What worth more now is some juicy news regarding the series? So here we go. [Source: EO]

    First of all, Prison Break's star Wentworth Miller has joined the zombie flick. However,no revelation about the characters yet.

    Secondly, Ali Larter who was in the third movie, Extinction will return as Claire Redfield.

    Those casting revelations were revealed by Boris Kodjoe, an actor who's just joined the cast in an exclusive interview on the set with blackfilm.com. Not only that, he also threw in some notes about the plot. Are you ready?

    "I play the leader of the survivors in LA. Milla Jovovich's character, Alice, is roaming the world looking for survivors and… she comes across an LA jail… and she lands on top of the roof and partners up with me to fight the guys that are coming after them. We're trying to get all of the survivors out of the jail to safety." – Boris Kodjoe. [Blackfilm.com] (Wait! How credible this source could be? We will check again when the real revelation comes out, but for now – subtle with these first)

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