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    September 5, 2009


    EO and Bloody Disgusting have revealed that the work for the sequel of 2007's vampire graphic novel adaptation of 30 Days of Night has begun. The new movie will be entitled Dark Days, a relative sequel and follow-up, which is also taken straight from the comic materials. The materials has been brought up by Steve Niles and Ben Ketai, with the latter will direct this sequel. The original director - David Slade has another commitment in hand for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

    That is a possibility that all the original casts will not returned. The first movie, as produced by Sam Raimi and Bob Tapert, stars Josh Hartnett, Melissa George and Danny Huston. However, no words whether both of them will return to the production team. With shooting beginning next month in Vancouver, there is not much words to precede earlier hype. The original topped the box office chart during Fall of 2007 but since then words on a possible sequel was quickly cool off.

    According to BD, the sequel will involve a recast Stella (George's character) joining some vigilante vamp hunters to get revenge on "Lilith, the vampire responsible for the attack on the Alaska town." Yes, you may've thought Danny Huston was responsible, but it turns out it was all his girlfriend's fault really.
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