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    October 16, 2009


    Last year, did you watched the so-called inspiring yet mildly entertaining Run Fat Boy Run? No. It's okay because the director will be developing a new movie now but I have to warn you that it is no longer a fun movie, but rather a dark drama.

    Trust, based on David Schwimmer's story and script by Andy Bellin will tells about the family's attempts to deal with the trauma experienced by their 14 year-old daughter who has been abused by someone who gained trust in an internet chat room.

    The story is basically straying away from David Schwimmer's past in popular TV sitcom Friends: hilarious and all-around nice guy. Now no more? It is not the first time any of those stars turn much into a seriouis note on the latter part of their career.

    Clive Owen and Catherine Keener will play the parents and Liana Liberato as the traumatized daughter. Shooting begin in Michigan in November.

    SOURCE: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=26059
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