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    October 16, 2009


    With Iron Man 2 pretty much ont he move now and awaiting for next Summer's opening roll-out, director Jon Favreau has confirmed his involvement in 2012 Marvel's team up The Avengers. For the film, Favreau will serve as an executive producer but had roll-out the possibility that he will not directing it.

    "You need somebody who has the perspective of all the different franchises to bring them together," he told MTV. "I have the myopic vision of just knowing and loving Iron Man."

    "I'll definitely have input and a say," he says, "but they'll have to find a different director because I'm not going to be available."

    He is not going to be available means his plan after Iron Man 2, Cowboys vs Aliens and Sony's animation Neanderthals is been filled up with other schedules on his diary? He is definitely directing Cowboys vs Aliens, as indicated by the writing duo of Orci and Kurtzman on my blog post few days ago. On the mean time, Sony has attached him to write and produce the animation.

    Source: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=26056
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