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    October 18, 2009


    Now even a week after Green Tea Movie reported that Justin Long has joined the cast of Robert Redford's currently on-production biopic about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln - The Conspirator. Words from EO and Variety has confirmed the appearance of new casts.

    It is now been revealed that Evan Rachel Wood, Tom Wilkinson, Kevin Kline and Alexis Bledel will join the casts.

    Now, the casts will look like this:
    • James McAvoy will play Frederick Aiken, a lawyer assigned to defend Mary Surratt
    • Robin Wright Penn will play Mary Surratt, a prime suspect undergone trial for conspirating the assassination of abraham Lincoln
    • Justin Long will play McAvoy's best friend
    • Evan Rachel Wood will play Surratt's daughter Anna
    • Tom Wilkinson will play Aiken's mentor, Senator Reverdy Johnson who sympathises with Surratt
    • Kevin Kline will play Edwin Stanton, Lincoln's war secretary
    • Alexis Bledel will play Aiken's wife

    So, based on the real event regarding the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, this may be one to be watched out. Perhaps, let's learn some American History shall we?
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