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    October 18, 2009


    Ryan Reynolds
    will be taking his career into alignment of Robin William when it was reported that he will be set to cross-dress in his next untitled comedy, according to Variety and EO. This will be his break from his usual-trend-nowadays as an action star. We knew Ryan Reynold will be busy in several film - Green Lantern, possible Deadpool and Motorcade (replacing Tom Cruise).

    The yet untitled comedy will apparently require Mr Reynolds to dress in a gown to befriend and to win his ex back, in one oft he weirdest dating strategies ever. It sounds pretty much like Mrs Doubtfire, the one where Robin William cross-dress as a nanny to win his wife and children back.

    The comedy will be written by Allan Loeb (21, Wall Street 2) and produced by Working Title. No other details been attached yet.
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