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    October 14, 2009


    Recently, Green Tea Movie talked about the attachment of Shawn Levy (Night At The Museum) into Dreamworks' Real Steel. As previously reported, Real Steel is set in a health and safety conscious future where robot boxing has replaced the real, flesh and blood alternative.

    We are actually excited to report that Hugh Jackman was in talks to star in the movie. If Jackman is to sign the deal, he is likely to play the down-on-his-luck fight promoter who stumbles upon a discarded robot that seemingly never loses.

    With Real Steel aiming for May roll-out, this is one of the many activating projects undergone for Richard Matheson's library of literature. Richard Matheson's story has been adapted to various silver screen productions in the lights of 2007's I Am Legend, upcoming The Box, on-going The Incredible Shrinking Man and Countdown. Counting in Real Steel, that is the fifth.
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