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    October 2, 2009


    The last time we heard about the movie casting was when I mentioned that we will have a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang reunion. It looks like it will be a great deals to gulp onto. Of course, Due Date is now getting bigger.

    With Robert Downey Jr, Michelle Monaghan and Zach Galifianakis already onboard, news from EO and The Hollywood Reporter has affirmed the news of Jamie Foxx whom will be joining in as well. Looks like the Todd Phillips film is gaining more star power packs in it.

    Downey Jr. plays a man rushing back to the side of his wife (Monaghan), who's about to give birth, accompanied by an unlikely travelling companion (Galifianakis). Foxx will play a long-standing friend of Downey's, who used to date Monaghan and secretly keeps in touch with her. We're guessing he's going to be by her side amping up the pressure on Downey to get home fast before the Foxx gets the chick.

    Shooting starting soon in Atlanta, LA and New Mexico. Catch Due Date next year!!
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