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    October 1, 2009


    Like Star Wars, Terminator is the other movie franchise which is not owned by a major studio. Due to the recent development, the owner of the rights - Halcyon Holding Group's Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek may be selling the movie franchise to those interested. This following the news that Halcyon were forced to file in for bankruptcy and may leave the future of the franchise in dark.

    According to the LA Times, The Terminator rights had been split prior to 1997, with Gale Anne Hurd and a variety of companies owning a balance 50% of the stakes. In 1997, Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna purchased the rights from the defunct Carolco and Hurd's stake.

    In 2007, ten year later, they sold the package to Halcyon. With Halcyon holding the rights, Terminator Salvation (number four int he franchise) was released to a relatively success - US$ 370 milliom worldwide. However, Halcyon couldn't pay back the money they borrowed from a consortium called Pacifior to make the Terminator purchase.

    In the limbo tug-war of the real calamity, Halcyon claimed that they only owe US$ 4 million to Pacifior, which also claimed that it is owed US$ 32 million.

    So with the sales moving on, the rights will likely be landed on the hands of the major studio. It could be in within the hands of Warner Bros or Sony Pictures, considering both had handled the distribution of Salvation, domestic and foreign respectively. Anderson and Kubicek now claim that the package is worth US$ 60 million.

    If you are concerned of the film franchise's future, fear not. The fifth film is in a turtle development.
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