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    October 6, 2009


    His Public Enemies opened to a style back in July and apparently Michael Mann will continue to make another great film. Now, he has affirmed that his latest project will indeed about the legendary war photographer Robert Capa.

    The movie will definitely be a biopic and sounds like another perfect remedies in the making for the established film makers which in his CV includes Miami Vice, Public Enemies and Last Of The Mohicans. Mann will produce the new film and will likely to direct too. Jez Butterworth will adapt the movie which is based on the new Spanish-language book by Sussanna Fortes called Waiting For Robert Capa. The novel is pretty much about the earlier life of Capa with his two-year love affair with associate photographer Gerda Taro during the spanish Civil War.

    Robert Capa, born Endre Erno Friedmann is a native Hungarian who create legend as one of the top combat photographer and photojournalist. He covered five different wars during his life - Spanish Civil War, Secoind Sino-Japanese War, World War 2 in Europe, 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the First Indochina War. The rest of the story is throughout a legacy.

    With production confirmed, who will be playing Robert Capa himself? Any bets? Johnny Depp perhaps? Or Christian Bale?

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    1. Per insider reports, Johnny Depp and Michael Mann did not get along on the Public Enemies set, even to the point where Depp stopped speaking to Mann. Doubt if these 2 will ever work together again. Bale, too, seemed incredibly frustated with the process at the end of the shoot.


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