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    October 6, 2009


    Now you may have seen him in Angels & Demons, playing the role of Commander Ritcher. Now, EO reported from a Swedish news site Ystads Allehanda that Stellan Skarsgard (may) has joined the cast of Thor. Remember the Mjolnir hammer-bearer we have talked about where the cast lists has expanded and will be directed by Kenneth Branagh?

    Yes, a continuation of that I would say. The Marvel superhero about the Norse God came perfectly in time with the inclusion of Skarsgard. He is one of the few internationally known actors from the Scandinavia region and he is such a fine actor. However, the source did not quoted what role he will be landed with.

    Earlier, his son Alexander Skarsgard who is currently up as Eric on HBO's True Blood was once considered for the role of Thor, whom ultimately given to Chris Hemsworth. The shooting for Thor will begins next year for May 20, 2011 release.

    Here are some familiar faces you may have seen - there are all Stellan Skarsgard.

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