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    October 6, 2009


    With the budget of only 11k, Oren Peli has turned the video-camera phenomenon of Paranormal Activity into a hit. Currently the movie is playing at a limited screen and has been gaining seriously awesome word-of-mouth momentum at the US Box Office. There is no words yet if the movie will hit the theater in Malaysia.

    Never mind if you never heard of him, the first-time director has made a new contractual agreement to bring yet another mysterious Blair Witch style project. This time, Peli will explores the Area 51.

    The words are remain in seal but Green Tea Movie heard that the project will cost a lavish $5 million and it will involve three teenagers and a camera. Stumbling onto the army crates and photographs-in-files at Roswell, it could be the anchor of the new movie, according to EO and Variety.

    We heard that Area 51 will begin next week. Wow, that is really quick!! By the way, enjoy the trailer from Paranormal Activity.

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