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    October 7, 2009


    Adrien Brody has a talent that enormously spanned throughout the mainstream and the indie house. Roman Polanski 2002's Academy-Awards winning movie, The Pianist brought him into the limelight and what follows were movies like Peter Jackson's King King, Hollywoodland and The Darjeeling Ltd.

    He may not be the hunky action star we much anticipated, but guess what - Nimrod Antal has secured him to star in the upcoming Predator movie. Ouch, I never see it coming, you know! Like the previous premise, it is about the survivor of human against the glorious predator from the extra-terrestrial.

    This time, Brody will lead the team which we believe will comprise of Danny Trejo, Alice Braga (I Am Legend), Walton Goggins (Detective Vendrell from The Shield), Ultimate Fighter Oleg Taktarov, and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, who was Tizzy in Benjamin Button. The other news also affirmed that Brody has signed for a proposed sequel.

    Not only we have Brody, talks also underway between the production with another unlikely action hero Topher Grace (as Venom in Spider-Man 3). Shooting will commence soon at Hawaii and Texas.
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