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    October 9, 2009


    Venom is a bad-ass in Spider-Man 3. However, the fans may come divided when Venom may all be a protagonist, thanks to a spin-off from the Spider-Man movie.

    Producer Avi Arad and writer/director Gary Ross are hoping to bring Venom into his own film feature. Ross is currently re-writing Jamie Vanderbilt and David Lindsay-Abaire's Spider-Man 4 script, but the project for Venom is coming in soon.

    Despite Disney's acquisition of Marvel, the Venom movie will stays with Sony's Columbia Picture who has the rights for the whole Spider-Man's universe. Some insiders has spilled the info regarding the possible plot for the film - "an antihero who becomes a defender of the innocent."

    Well, easier to say, can Venom be a good-guy instead? The question will be further fueled with that this Venom could be a re-boot rather than a follow-up to the setting in Spider-Man 3. The other question is will Topher Grace (who recently may be joining Predator) reprise his role as the parasitic alienware? It seems unlikely though.
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