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    October 11, 2009


    The forthcoming musical movie, Burlesque may be another attention to be considered for your watching. Not so soon people - filming will only commence on November but we would like to share a piece of note on its casting.

    Just we have all known (in case you don't know), Burlesque is powered by two sensational singing divas - Cher and Christina Aguilera. Also joining the force recently was Stanley Tucci. The latest, hear this - Kristen Bell has joined the cast too!

    With the enrollment of Bell, in what believes is to take on the role of the lead dancer at a burlesque nightclub, it completes the story picture here. Of course, the night club is owned by Cher. Aguilera will play as a small-town girl who arrives at the club to steal the limelight. Definitely, the other side (which is Bell) goes on rebel and runs off the track.

    So, can Aguilera really act? Or how about the lovely Kristen Bell? Tell me what you think.
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