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    October 11, 2009


    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was great but the later prequel was not really. As things getting wired up on how top pout down this chainsaw-psycho-killer, words have that Twisted Pictures is in talks to buy the movie rights and relaunching it as a 3D franchise. What's with the 3D thingy these days?

    A question here - since Twisted Pictures is the one responsible for the never-dying franchise Saw, would they turn Leatherface into an annual affair with sequel each year?

    2003's remake and 2006's failed prequel were produced by Platinum Dunes (Michael Bay's company) made some decent money. But Platinum Dunes, it transpires, had leased the rights from Bob Kuhn and Kim Henkel, the rights holders proper, on a picture-by-picture basis, which paved the way for Twisted to move in with a multi-picture deal.

    Stephen Susco who wrote for The Grudge will write the script of the new film once Twisted Pictures have the rights officially. Carl Mazzocone, Oren Koules and Mark Burg will produce the new movie. Lionsgate has been asked to distribute.
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