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    October 13, 2009


    Prophet Moses is one of the key character in bible whom has created history and laying the fundamentalism of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim. According to EO and Variety, 20th Century Fox is in the midst of developing a biblical epic about the prophet himself.

    Previously, Prophet Moses has already been a central character in The Ten Commandments and Dreamworks' animation The Prince of Egypt. While both are cinematic soft, the new development will be in a harder side, taking into account the mold left by 300. This means that the new epic will probably run on a darker theme with some visually stunning action flick.

    Taking in the elements of 300 or Braveheart, this is the type of movie Peter Chernin, former Chief Operating Officer for News Corp and current head of his own Chernin Entertainment, wanted for. Quickly, he has took the movie as his major film project.

    Adam Cooper and Bill Collage write the scripts. So, will it be another sea-parting, exodus slave-freeing or war against the Pharaoh again? Let's wait and see.
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