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    November 13, 2009


    We know that he is currently on set for Facebook movie The Social Network, but that does not stop him to announce his next project - in the form of adaptation of 1974 Max Ehrlich's The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud. It is also a remake of 1975 Bing Crosby production by J Lee Thompson, starring Margot Kidder and Michael Sarrazin, and adapted by Ehrlich himself.

    The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud, a supernatural thriller involves a university lecturer's attempts to prove he's the reincarnation of somebody who died shortly before he was born, and to solve the mystery of his murder, for which the killer was never caught.

    With writer Andrew Kevin Walker (8mm, Sleepy Hollow) adapting the novel, it will be a reunion for Walker and Fincher since the stunning Brad Pitt-starrer thriller Seven.

    Well, it is still early to speculate anything now. Source from EO.
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