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    November 17, 2009


    Death Race 2: Frankenstein Lives, the sequel to last year's action-prisoner-mate-game is recruting. The a-la carte alike of Gamer, only that Death Race proved to be much better than the Butler's trash - is now looking for anyone interested in stepping tinto Jason Statham's shoes.

    The plot devise; "Newly arrived at Terminal Island, a prison for the most unredeemable [sic] of convicts, Carl 'Luke' Lucas must prove his mettle in a race to the death". Initial talk Frankenstein Lives may be a prequel, a set-up to the origin of Frankenstein before Jason Statham taking him over.

    Here are the description of the several characters lined up for Death Race 2:
    • Carl 'Luke' Lucas - right-hand man to a notorious mobster for twelve years, given life-imprisonment for killing a cop in a botched bank robbery. He's offered a deal by the DA if he turns state's evidence, but opts to take his chances behind bars.
    • September Jones - eye-poppingly gorgeous model turned journalist who comes up with the Death Race concept when her Gladiators-type show starts to plummet in the ratings.
    • Douglas Weyland - the owner of the TV network is one Douglas Weyland, of the Weyland Corporation.
    Paul WS Anderson will produce theupcoming installment with Jeremy Bolt (The Resident Evils, Pandorum) and Mike Elliott (War). Tony Giglio will write the script.
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