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    November 17, 2009


    Edward Woodward, the star of many movies like The Wicker Man, Callan, Hot Fuzz and TV classic Equalizer has passed away at the age 0f 79. His agent, Janet Glass, has confirmed that Woodward passed away, surrounded by his family, at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, following a long illness. He was surrounded by his family.

    Woodward is truly a talented actor. His ever famous movie will probably be the 1973 thriller The Wicker Man. Many critics have cited the final scene in The Wicker Man as one of the greatest visual shots in cinema history.

    Woodward played the title role in the 1980 Australian biographical film drama Breaker Morant, which was highly acclaimed and his presence brought the film worldwide attention. Woodward also had a supporting role in the 2007 action comedy Hot Fuzz. His last lead film role was that of the Reverend Frederick Densham in A Congregation of Ghosts; the story of an eccentric vicar who is said to have alienated his congregation and preached to cardboard cut-outs.

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